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David Dark Suite

To: My friends that supported our efforts in the Florida Senate Race

Re: The morning after

Look what you have done! I was no one, might have known a few dozen folks here in Senate District 12, but you willed us to run a good race where we finished with 17,000 votes!  Wow, if I can do it, others, much more qualified will take notice and stand!  Let God use you to take back our government!

How do I start with expressing my appreciation for your encouragement and hard work?  Words are not adequate sometimes, and this is one of those times.   What an incredible team was assembled in short order to run as well as we did!  It was about our cause and our core values that brought us together and will keep us together.

There are many positive take aways.   The first is, together we believed in a calling higher than us, and we were not afraid of the obstacles in our way.  Second, we ran a beautiful campaign, focused on issues and positions and did not stoop to the spreading of lies or innuendos.  Third, due to our campaign, each of us have met others and forged new relationships that will endure for a long time.  Fourth, we learned a lot about team building and political dynamics that can be used in other environments.

More importantly, our mission of putting our trust in God, not man, has not been compromised.  With what is apt to be a rough time ahead, regardless of who wins The White House, our faith must not waiver.  It is how we finish, not how we start a race.

Finally, let’s use our experience as a stepping stone into our next phase of life.  I was very much hoping that our victory would have kept our team working together for a cause that is bigger than us, that would have allowed us to serve others.  But, now is not our time in politics.   However, God is not done with us, and his will always trumps our limited views of just one tiny piece of the puzzle called life.

I am incredibly honored to have been worthy of this calling, at this point in my life, and want to say I am humbled by your labor of love, generosity, and outpouring of support.

God Bless, and many thanks for a great effort by The Great Gee Team!   –  David

Campaign Update: The Home Stretch with David Gee! We give you a huge thank to you our amazing campaign team, community supporters, and to our opponents for their many, many years of public service in office!

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